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Moderate El Siyasi: Jurnal Pemikiran Politik Islam

Moderate el-Siyasi is a journal published by the Magister Program of Islamic Political Thought, Faculty of Ushuluddin and Islamic Studies, State Islamic University of North Sumatra, Medan. This journal focuses on studies and research results on Islamic political thought
Moderate el-Siyasi receives articles in Indonesian, Arabic and English from academics/researchers/lecturers regarding to the Study of Islamic Political Thought covering Political Philosophy, Fiqh Siyasah, Political Sociology, Methodology of Islamic Political Studies, Political Concepts in the Qur'an and Hadith, Islamic and Western Political Studies, Democracy in Islamic Political Systems, Women in Islamic Political Systems, Islamic Political Movements, Terrorism, Extremism and Liberalism in the Islamic World, Study of Islamic Political Turats, Political Phenomena in Islamic Majority and Minority Countries, Religious Sect, Social Class and Minorities in the Islamic Political System, Islamophobia in the West.
p-ISSN 2809-0497 
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