Focus and Scope


Jurnal Penelitian Medan Agama focuses on providing scientific articles related to Islamic Studies, Pluralism and Diversity, Scientific Integration and Global Progress.


The Jurnal Penelitian Medan Agama specializes in:

Islamic Studies

  • Sacred Texts in Religions
  • Sharia, Law and Legislation
  • Development of Islamic Boarding School Treasures
  • Educational Development
Pluralism and Diversity
  • State, Religion and Society
  • Diversity in Ethnic, Cultural, Social and Religious Traditions
Scientific Integration
  • Transformative Education
  • History, Archeology and Manuscripts
  • Social Welfare in Society
  • Development of Medicine and Health
  • Environment and Technology Development
Global Progress
  • Regional Studies and Globalization
  • Sharia-Based Economic and Business Development
  • Millennial Generation and Islamic Issues