International Conference of Da'wah and Religious Moderation


The Faculty of Da’wah and Communication (FDC) is the one of faculty in the State Islamic University of North Sumatera. The faculty is a home to four programs, including Islamic Guidance and Counseling, Islamic Communication and Broadcasting, Islamic Community Development, and Da’wah Management. With different study fields, FDC has become a safe place for the investigation and development of a wide range of knowledge. All of the topics under discussion are important for the development of Islam in Indonesia. Thus, it is necessary for the faculty to build more connections to the world in relation to knowledge by holding an international conference as the place to discuss and expand the already established scientific fields.

This conference will discuss issues in under da’wah and communication with the theme of Religious Moderation: Tolerance and Harmony in Disruption Era explored from various perspectives and approaches: technology, economy, politics, law, social, and culture, from both social and natural science. This conference invites presenters and speakers from various knowledge background to gain novel model and ideas of moderate islam that is sustainable and confirming to the current world.

It is now necessary to create a place for experts and researchers to discuss the topic of Religious Moderation in order to solve related problems. The Faculty of Da’wah and Communication of UIN Sumatera Utara aims to become a wahdatul-‘ulum campus. In order to achieve this goal, FDC has developed a number of strategies that would be implemented in various events that support the development of a wahdatul-‘ulum culture. The International Conference, which is annually scheduled, is one of the main events in the FDC.

There are three main objectives of the conference:

  1. Exploring and discussing the concept of religious moderation with the goal of promoting tolerance and harmony in disruption era.
  2. Finding strategic steps to promote tolerance and harmony by using the concept of disruption.
  3. Collaborating with Moderate Islam experts and researcher

Theme : “Religious Moderation: Tolerance and Harmony in Disruption Era”


  • Da’wa Innovation in Virtual Spaces
  • Cyber Spirituality Counselling
  • Indigenous Counselling on Pesantren and Moslem Society
  • Humanism Movement and Technology in Community Development
  • Information and Financial Technology For Da'wah Management
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence for Da’wa Management
  • Digital Content and Content Creation in Digital Society
  • Social Media, Digital Skills, and Propethic Comunication in Digital Platform
  • Communicating Islamic Values of Human Equality
  • Moderate Doctrines and Practices in Islam World


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