Siti Hardianti


Along with development of era, there are many problems of Muslim peoples that did not exist in Prophet’s Era of Muhammad SAW. These problems require an exact and quick solution. One of the media that possible as solution is tajdid and ijtihad. Tajdid is retrieval effort of Islamic doctrine and precepts that have been forgotten or abandoned by Muslims and then reformed to be better. Tajdid is not create some new doctrines in Islam, but restore it to Prophet’s Era of Muhammad SAW and the Four of Caliphs with considering to the situation and condition. Meanwhile, ijtihad is outpouring all powers and abilities to formulating and applying Islamic laws in branch issues and problems that appears in Islamic laws. The problem that occurred is similarization between tajdid’s movement and modernization that affiliated to the western secular tradition. Whereas, the meaning between both of it too different so that brings the different implication if it applied in Islam. The modernization in Islam is a movement to integrated Islam and modern sciences (western). As a consequence, Islam has to adapt its doctrines and principles to what western wants. The effect of this movement will undermine the principles of Islam and induce Muslim people to concede the values of western modernity. Surprisingly, many Muslim scholars using this western’s modernization method into Islamic thought. the renewal of Islamic thought Syed Ameer Ali are back to the old history to bring proof that Islam is a rational religion and religious progress. He thinks and believes that Islam is not a religion that led to declining. On the contrary, Islam is a religion that brings progress. Hence the concept of renewal refers to the teachings of Islam that must be considered back in. Muslims must open the doors of Ijtihad as much as sebesarnya if want to move forward. The most important factor in the renewal of Islam by Syed Ameer Ali is the decline of the Muslims at that time, because Muslims are no longer willing to open the door of ijtihad. For those ijtihad door has been closed, therefore Syed Ameer Ali concepts put forward reforms aimed at advancing Muslims. Syed Ameer Ali Effect of thinking has influenced the Muslim community in India at that time. Sayyid Ameer was the first to make the spirit of Muslims in India has increased to advance the Muslims back.

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