Zulkarnaen Zulkarnaen


The colonization occurred in India lead to collapse of all Moslem in all circumstances. It has been witnessed by Mohammad Iqbal at that time. Therefore, he intended to solve the problem suffered by Moslem at that time and one theory offered by him is khudi. Moreover, contemporary Indonesian situation at that time was not different with the situation faced by Mohammad Iqbal when he was in India. Therefore, the researcher discussed about Khudi Mohammad Iqbal philosophy and its relationship to the Indonesian contemporary. Khudi reached its whole independenceby getting closer to God. Things that can strengthen khuldi namely: Love (isyq), Faqr, Passionate or bravery, Tolerance, Legal Business (Kasb al-halal) and work honestly and creatively. While the things which can weakenkhudi namely: Fear, Beggary, Slavery, and Pride of Extraction. Loneliness is wrong, loneliness will cause someone cannot distinguish between self-consolidation with self-denial. People develop by contacting each other. The thought relationship of Mohammad Iqbal khudi in Indonesian contemporary context is on the problem similarity faced by Indian at that time and Indonesia at this time. Among the problems are fatalis and statis, mess political problems, self-esteem crisis, and uncritical Moslem Indonesia about the influence of western culture which controls this nation. Here is the emphasis between Iqbal’s theory and the needs of this nation especially for Moslem in Indonesia. Iqbal obviously put khudi concept in facing this though life.

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