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Syekh Burhanuddin is one of the great famous Ulama in West Sumatra who has developed the teachings of Islam through the teachings of the congregation Syattariyah until delivered in Medan. Syekh Burhanuddin developed his thinking through education at the surau. The students who studied at the surau Syattariyah opened to learn a whole series of Islamic knowledge. Even as people Minang know and practice the knowledge. Not limited for Minang people in West Sumatra, Minang people in the out of West Sumatra until now still make Syekh Burhanuddin as Waliyullah and a great Ulama. Syekh Burhanuddin theory continues was developed by his students until go to Medan.

The purpose of this research is to know the background of Thought Sufism Sheikh Burhanuddin, to know the process of the Sufism Syekh Burhanuddin thought developement into  Medan, and to find out why do minang people in Medan  follow the teachings of Syekh Burhanuddin. This thesis uses descriptive qualitative approach which has been classified to the field research (field research), to see how far the development of Sufism Sheikh Burhanuddin Thought among Minang people in Medan.

From this study it can be concluded that the background of Thought Sufism Syekh Burhanuddin was influenced patterns of thinking was brought by the previous teacher Ahmad al-Qushashi and teachers of Syekh Burhanuddin, Syekh Abdurrauf. As for the idea of Sheikh Burhanuddin Sufism are the three main pillars that reconciles Shari'ah and Sufism developed by his teacher Syekh Abdurrauf namely the Godhead and its relationship with Nature, Insan Kamil and the way to God (tarekat). In the development  ideas of Sufism Syekh Burhanuddin in Medan city, initially through the Labai and Tuangku from Ulakan, and then because community of minang has been increased and spread in several district  in Medan. Minang community in Medan largely followed the practice of the teachings of Syekh Burhanuddin. All forms of religious practice is the practice of Sufism Amali activities. Amali Sufism is Sufism emphasis on amaliah (act) such as wirid, zikir and another ibadah.

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