Nilai-Nilai Sufisme A.R. Fakhruddin Terhadap Prilaku Politik Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah

Syamsul Amri


This study focuses its study on Sufism Values A.R. Fakhruddin Against Associaton Muhammadiyah Political Behavior. The problems answered in this study include the values of Sufism offered by A.R. Fakhruddin related to Muhammadiyah's political behavior. A.R. Fakhruddin is a symbol and symbol of Muhammadiyah leadership, a type of Muhammadiyah personality development and a central figure who stepped down from the top of the association pyramid sincerely and gracefully. Politics cannot be separated from religion. However, Muhammadiyah gave its own position in politics so that cadres did not fall into practical politics. This study aims to uncover the dynamics of Muhammadiyah's political thinking which is part of a cadre that has entered practical politics which is actually not in accordance with the khittah of Muhammadiyah's struggle.

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