Mahmuda Mahmuda


The research data was collected by documenting qualitative data from various literature related to the concept of the establishment of the State Ideal/ Main (al-Manah al-Fāḍilah). This study takes the idea or the idea of a character famous Muslim philosopher who is considered as a reference in the conduct of a concept study. The obtained and analyzed by using a historical approach in order to find an appropriate concept for the establishment of a State Ideal / Main.

From the results of this study can be obtained a description that the establishment of a country must have a concept of thought in creating a State that is Ideal. In this research can not be separated from scholarly Muslims as Al-Farabi which may provide an explanation of how a country is considered to be good and be good enough for the people who feel it. On the concept of forming the State of Ideal is described how role of religion, morality and social in the formation of highly sustainable state in order to achieve a state of desire in the establishment of the Ideal.

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