Analisis dan Perancangan e-Inventory Instrumen Perkuliahan pada STT Harapan Medan

Tantri Hidayati Sinaga, Eka Rahayu


Instrument of lecturing is an important component in teaching and learning process in college. The condition of the lecture instrument was absolutely essential for supervision process and maintenance to ensure every inventory works well and available to support teaching and learning processes, both in the classroom and computer labs. The inventory control process should be done at any time and can speed up the handling process for inventory improvements. The purpose of this research is to utilize lecture instrument data to create UML model and develop electronic inventory system application design (e-inventory) of lecture instrument that will be utilized for recording lecture instrument inventory using PIECES Framework analysis. Application of PIECES Framework in application development is intended to maximize performance, maximize data and information, has economic value, efficient, easy to control and give the best service. This research will produce an e-Inventory Lecture Instrument System. The application has been tested to the academic and computer lab administrators for their ability to inventory the lecture instrument. The results of this study can be developed by adding supporting facilities in accordance with the standard of the lecture instrument so that it can be applied in many colleges.

 Keywords: e-inventory, PIECES, UML, Lecture Instrument, Code Igniter


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