Application of The Ottoman Turkish Tahfiz Method in Pesantren Ash-Syarief Sulaimaniyah Medan

Azwar Amid Harahap


Lately the trend of memorizing the Quran is growing among the community, ranging from parents to children, including Islamic educational institutions such as Islamic boarding schools. In memorizing the Quran, various memorization methods are usually applied to facilitate memorization in memorizing the Quran. The method of memorizing the Quran that is commonly found in Indonesia is systematic memorization, starting from juz 1 to finish then continued with juz 30 to finish (from front to back) or starting from juz 30 to juz 1 (from back to front). However, it is different from the method used at Pesantren Asy-Syarief Sulaimaniyah Medan. The pesantren uses a memorization method called the Ottoman Turky Method. The Ottoman Turkish method is also called memorizing the Quran using a round system, where memorization starts from the back page of juz 1 after after the page is finished it will continue to juz 2 the back page is also how it should get to the last page of juz 30, after finishing juz 30 is called having completed memorization of one round. The Quran used is generally  the Quran with Ottoman Rasm with 20  pages one juz and each page consists of 15 lines so that to complete the memorization of the Quran requires 20 rounds.  The method used in this study is qualitative, while the type of research used is field research through observation, documentation and interviews, which was conducted at Pesantren Asy-Syrief Sulaimaniyah Medan. The finding in this study is that memorization with the Ottoman Turkish method can improve the quality of memorization of the Quran in Pesantren Asy-Syarief Sulaimaniyah Medan.

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