Basic Consept and Education Objective in Islam (Ta’lim, Tarbiyah and Ta’dib)

Juwairiani Juwairiani


The terms tarbiyah, ta'lim and ta'dib in Islam have different semantic aspects, concepts and ideas that show that the problems of Islamic education are eternal. The development of human civilization and new discoveries in this field will affect the direction of travel. orientation, form and system of Islamic religious education. This requires educators to conduct extensive research on educational concepts that have been applied and agreed upon from time to time. The use of the term "tarbiah", although widely used, still seems to be a controversial issue. Today's Islamic educators tend to use the term ta'dib rather than tarbiyah. In its conceptual structure, ta'dib includes elements of science (’ilm), teaching (ta'lim), and good education (tarbiyah). Therefore Ta’dib is the most appropriate and accurate term to describe Islamic education.

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"Education in Islam: Concepts, Principles, and Methodology" by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahim. This book discusses the basic concepts of education in Islam and explores the educational principles that underlie them.

"Islamic Education: Its Traditions and Modernization into the Arab National System" by Muhammad Abu Zahra. This book discusses the history of Islamic education, basic concepts, and its adaptation in the context of the modern education system.

"Islam, Knowledge, and Education: Aims and Objectives of Islamic Education" by Mohammad Sharif. This book discusses the goals of education in Islam and how education can form Muslim individuals with good morals.

"Islamic Education in Africa: Writing Boards and Blackboards" by Robert Launay. This book reviews the development of Islamic education in Africa, highlighting the basic concepts and goals of education in various African contexts.

"Philosophy of Islamic Education: Classical Views and Modern Interpretations" by Charlene Tan. This book provides insight into the philosophical thinking behind education in Islam and how the concept of education developed.

Scholarly Journals: Journals such as the "Journal of Islamic Studies," "Journal of Islam and Education," and "Muslim Education Quarterly" are good sources for recent articles and research on the basic concepts and goals of Islamic education.


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