Analisis Efektivitas Kontribusi Komunitas Masyarakat Tanpa Riba

Juliati Aryani, Sudirman Suparmin, Yenni Samri


So far many people have assumed that debt is the only way to start a business, so assessing the normal rate for debt which is mediocre, in other words this mindset will make the person live accustomed to debt without regard to the long-term impact long due to debt interest. Therefore, the existence of the community without usury (MTR) in the city of Medan has the aim to change the information and mindset of the people to no longer owe and free from the bondage of interest/usury. This study aims to address the issue of how to understand interest/usury according to the MTR community and want to find out what strategies MTR uses to socialize the anti-usury movement. This research is a qualitative study using field research methods in the MTR community. The data source used is the primary data obtained from the interview and documentation process. The results of this study are: first, according to the MTR community, usury is taking additional assets that are oppressive. Riba is an act that violates the commands of Allah SWT which at this time many people practice it. This usury practice is inseparable from the lack of public knowledge about usury and interest law. Second, there are several strategies used to socialize the anti-usury movement, namely programs that include consultation, assistance and study.


MTR Community, Usury, and Interest

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