Sistem Kriptokompresi Menggunakan Algoritma Asimetris Rabin-P dan Algoritma Lossless Compression Golbach Code

Tri Joko Wardani, Imran Lubis, Kalvin Chiuloto


The in line line with the development of information technology, information security must also be considered. Advances in information technology provide many advantages for the survival of human life, but the advantages offered by technology also cause losses such as data theft. Data originating from word processing documents is one form of document that is commonly used to store information, whether private or confidential. The security issues are one of the most important aspects in the world of information technology which is a human need in the era of globalization, for example document security. Therefore, document security is very necessary and must be protected from irresponsible parties, either when stored in storage or when distributed. In addition to the security aspect, the thing that needs to be considered is also about the storage media. Therefore, additional steps are needed to streamline the storage media by compressing the data that has been secured so that its size becomes smaller. In this study, we will combine cryptographic techniques and compression techniques called cryptocompression. The cryptocompression system in this research is applied by encrypting data in text files using the public key of the Rabin-p algorithm which will produce an encrypted text file. Then it is compressed using Goldbach Code lossless compression algorithm to reduce its size. From the results of this test, it is concluded that the cryptocompression system is able to maintain the confidentiality of information because it has been encrypted and can save more efficient storage space because it has been compressed first. Text files that have been encrypted and compressed can be returned to the original file through a decompression and decryption process according to the size and number of characters contained in the original text file.

Keywords : Cryptography, Compression, Cryptocompression, Rabin-p, Goldbach Code

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