Perancangan dan Pembuatan Perangkat Handsanitizer Otomatis Menggunakan Sensor Ultrasonik

Dian Novita Pardede, Ade Zulkarnain Hasibuan, Arnes Sembiring


Handsanitizer is one of the antiseptic ingredients in the form of a gel that is often used by the public as a practical handwashing medium. The use of hand sanitizer is more effective and efficient when compared to using soap and water, so many people are interested in using it. On the basis of these problems, an automatic hand sanitizer device was designed using an ultrasonic sensor. The design system of this tool utilizes Arduino as a control system in the entire circuit, ultrasonic sensor as an input signal of an object, servo motor as a receiver for input of an object from the sensor which will then move to remove the hand sanitizer liquid, loadcell as a measure of the weight of the liquid contained in the hand sanitizer container, LCD as an output to display the results of the weight measurement contained in the hand sanitizer container. This tool works when the sensor detects an object 9cm, then the servo will pull the rope and release the hand sanitizer liquid.

Keywords: Handsanitizer, Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor, Loadcell.

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